• Madison Fetterhoff

Candid Consultation

First things first, let's take this ALLLL the way back to the beginning. The Consultation. This is the most important part of the service and where most mistakes are made. Typically redos occur because of poor communication, not because of poor technical skills(but let's be real, we've all seen our fair share of horror shows). The biggest key to success during these crucial moments is utter honesty. Tell your client the truth about their hair. We tend to overpromise because we are people pleasers, but now is the perfect time to give your client the doomsday speech. Under promise. Over deliver. Simple right?

So what is the truth? The answer to that question will vary depending on the individual but anyone who sits in my chair knows how brutally honest I am. Speak candidly and let them know...

-Your hair will definitely lift orange. I promise.

-Multiple sessions will be required to achieve your desired look.

-Each session will cost xyz. If you trust me, I will get you there over time.

So let's elaborate on those key points because I feel like those are some big areas that miscommunication happens.

You're the professional. You know hair and you know what to expect(for the most part). If you have a client that sits in your chair and she tells you she can't stand warmth, don't just start mixing the bleach hoping for the best that you may be able to tone it out and make her happy. Tell her the truth. "Based on the color history you gave me, I can promise you are going to lift to a red or orange tone." Explain some science to her, make yourself look hella smart. Brown is comprised of Blue, Red and Yellow. During the lifting process, each of these tones is removed in order of Blue, Red and Yellow. Once the blue is removed from your hair, if it doesn't continue to lift, you will have red and yellow pigment remaining. It will no longer be brown, it will be orange.

Let her know that she should mentally prepare herself to choose a shade of caramel that she doesn't find offensive. Tell her that this is the science of color. No matter who she goes to, no stylist can change the laws of color. It is a necessary step on the road to gorgeous blonde hair. What happens next? You tone it and it looks amazing and she's just grateful that she doesn't look like a pumpkin. OR. She chooses not to have the service done and you just avoided a difficult client with unrealistic expectations.

That leads us into the conversation about sessions. "Yes your hair will be warm today but it won't be forever." I let my clients know right out the gate that if they don't trust me and if they're not willing to commit to the journey, then I'm not going to do a service on them. I know what will happen. That awkward moment when you're done blowdrying and she stares at you through grit teeth thinking "This looks nothing like my picture".

Show her examples of hair transformations over time to give her hope. Then be transparent about pricing. "It will be $250 each session every 4 weeks. Is that an investment you're willing to make?"

Sessions are important for multiple reasons. If you're doing multidimensional color, it's the best way to layer different tones and levels in a way that stays melted and cohesive. If you're blonding, it's essential to avoid overprocessing the hair. If you've been lifted already and you're not maintaining your glosses... then you're right back to the warmth you hate. No color is permanent.

It's okay to be blunt with people. I never speak rudely to a client but always honestly and from an educational standpoint. They don't know what you don't tell them. It's so important to set them up with realistic expectations, and also to participate with them throughout the service. If shes's lifting warm, let her know. If she's not budging, let her know. Then we can all be on the road more educated clients who don't blame orange on you or your technical ability.

Hope it helps!

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