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If you're looking to book an appointment with me for balayage, please read over this section. 

The most important part of the service is our consultation. It's important to me that my clientele understand what balayage is and how it works so you can understand how your hair could possibly perform. It is my job to manage expectations.

Balayage is a surface painting technique that is incubated in saran wrap. On a good day, balayage can lift up to 4-5 levels. This is if your hair has no previous color or box dye on it. If your hair has years of pigment packed inside, I could realistically only see 2-3 levels of lift. This is why I ask for a 5 year hair color history before I work with your canvas.


What does this mean for you? It means that multiple sessions could be required to achieve the look that you want. It also means that I may decide balayage isn't best for you and choose a method of foiling technique to take you to where you want to be. It also means your goal might not be achievable at all.

Foiling techniques will never blend quite the same as balayage, so it may be up to you to decide what is more important to you. The blend or getting as light as possible in one day. It's also important to note that balayage lifts much warmer than other techniques, so if you hate gold... you might not like balayage. Gold also should not be interpreted as yellow, orange or brassy.

If you have dark hair and this is your goal photo...

You might expect a similar result to this during your first balayage appointment.

What happens when you lighten previously colored hair?

@Monsterlocks on Instagram perfectly demonstrates in this photo how box dyed hair reacts to lightener versus natural virgin hair. In these situations it's important to understand that your hair decides how blonde you get, not me and not you.

@hairmeroar shows a side by side to compare. The first photo is natural virgin hair. He was able to lift her blonde in one sitting because there is no build up of previous color. There is less pigment to remove.

The second photo shows the same formula applied to hair that had been colored. This person would have no choice but to settle for a refined caramel color.

What is refined caramel?

This is what that yucky orange color looks like when you refine it with toner.

Got it! I'm good with all that and now I want to know your pricing.

I personally take an "all inclusive" approach to pricing out my balayage and lightening servies.

*All new clients are required to pay a $100 deposit. If you show up to your appointment, the credit is applied to the balance that day. If you cancel with less than 24 hours notice, the deposit is retained by the salon. 

No matter which way you weigh it, lightening your hair is damaging. Because there are options to avoid damage I have decided to include such measures in my base pricing. This means that I don't see damage as an option, so instead of bond protector and deep conditioning treatments being an add-on item, they are simply included in the total cost.


I have also included trimming/cutting, toner, extra color bowls and style out.

All Inclusive Base Pricing for Balayage:


Foil Highlights with Haircut:


All over color with Haircut:


Root Shadow/Color Melt Add-On:


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